Tomy Tomica 85200 Overhead Crossing Bridge

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Great detailed Overhead Crossing Bridge compatible with Tomica track and playsets

  • Allows trains to pass over road and cars (sold separately)
  • Includes stickers and railings
  • Easy to fit together
  • Helps add height to your Tomica playsets


Tomica, an exciting new toy range brings together trains, tracks and vehicles that little boys will want to play with for hours! Tomica is built on two exciting themes: Hyper City and Hyper City Rescue. Hyper City is based on a city with real life destinations that kids see everyday such as petrol stations, train stations and car parks. Whereas Hyper City Rescue is based on a futuristic “Protective Force” that keeps order within the city. The range includes vehicles, trains, accessories, destinations and fun play sets.

The Tomica Overhead Crossing Bridge allows trains to pass over the road without having to stop at any crossings for vehicles, whilst cars can still pass through underneath. Connect this item to your world of Tomica using the Tomica 85205 Sloping Rail and Girders accessory which are sold separately.








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