Lego Minifigures Assorted Bundle 2

This promotion includes a bundle of 5 film related characters in Lego minifigure format.  Create Instore pocket money promotions for your stores Lego fans.

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Collectable Lego™ Minifigures bundle

50 x Assorted Lego Minifigure packet retail Includes:

  • 10 x Batman with Jet ski set – foil pack.
  • 10 x Jurassic World’s Owen, Baby Raptor and Jetpack set – paper pack.
  • 10 x Robin with Helicopter set foil pack.
  • 10 x Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Tie Whisper – foil pack.
  • 10 x Minecraft Knight with chest and anvil – foil pack.

Limited New Stock  – Order your bundle of 50 assorted minifigures today!


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