DC Aquaman Mystery Mini Blind Box CDU

With 12 characters to collect, these mini figures are the perfect pocket money gift!

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DC Aquaman Funko Mystery Mini Blind Box CDU

Your favourite Aquaman characters come packed in illustrated blind boxes.

  • Counter display unit (CDU) of 12 mystery boxes.
  • Each box contains 1 x Mystery Mini Figure

Mini vinyl figures Include:  Aquaman shirtless, Aquaman wearing his iconic gold and green hero suit, Aquaman Gladiator, Aquaman Gladiator with a patina finish, Mera, Black Manta, King Orm in gold armor, King Orm as Ocean Master, King Orm as Ocean Master in chrome, an Atlantean Guard, Princess Scales, and Elite Commando. Collect them all!

Brand: DC
Company: Funko
Item Type: Mystery Box


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