The Beatles – Interviews (CD)

Interviews from the most iconic band of 1960’s. Interviews taken from 1964 when the Beatles gained international stardom. From their time in Australia and interviews with legendary DJ’s including DJ Barry Ferber, DJ Bob Rogers, DJ John Edwards and many more…..

Includes interviews from Ringo Starr to Garvin Rutherford, Ringo Starr to DJ Mike Walsh and includes a snippet from Paul McCartney Birthday in June 1964.

A collectors must have!!!

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01 The Beatles George Harrison To DJ Barry Ferber
02 The Beatles Beatles In Hong Kong To DJ Bob Rogers
03 The Beatles Australia To DJ John Edwards
04 The Beatles Sydney
05 The Beatles Adelaide To DJ Bob Rogers / Balcony With Bob Francis / With Bob Rogers
06 The Beatles Ringo Starr To Garvin Rutherford / Sydney To Melbourne
07 The Beatles Melbourne To Allan Lappin / Bob Rogers And Concert Announcements
08 The Beatles Paul McCartney Birthday Ringo Starr To DJ Mike Walsh / Bob Rogers Interview New Zealand
09 The Beatles Wellington To DJ Bob Rogers
10 The Beatles To Tony McArthur
11 The Beatles Auckland To Bob Rogers
12 The Beatles Sydney Farewell Interviews To Bob Rogers / Gavin Rutherford


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