Putty Slime Can Sloth

Sloth putty lets you squeeze and pull your stress out, so you can take on the day. Do you ever wonder what sloths dream about. It’s probably nothing energetic. Do you ever see a sloth stressed out.

Putty puts all the emotional stability and sheer chill that every sloth represents and packages it into a cute collectible tin. Sloths don’t have a hustle and bustle lifestyle like you do. Their lives consist of move here, nap, eat, nap, nap, move again, poop once a week. Sloths are the original stoners, and you can have that relaxed attitude with this stress putty.

Your patience can only take so much. It’s time to master your inner sloth, and let stress melt away with every push and pull of this magical putty. It’s a fabulously chill axing addition to care packages, gift baskets, birthday presents, and Christmas stocking fillers.


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IT’S LIKE CHEECH AND CHONG HAD A BABY – Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? No stress. No problems. Just playing and taking naps. Those were the days. You can have those carefree days again with Sloth Putty. It’s therapeutic and fun. What more could you ask for?
TIME TO SLOW WAY DOWN – When you’ve got nothing to be in a hurry for, life can be quite beautiful. If sloths teach one thing by example, it’s to stop and smell the roses…and probably eat them. They’re sloths, what do you expect? Stop worrying about life, grab some putty and just enjoy.
SLOTHS ARE JUST AWESOME – It’s a sloth. Do you even need another reason for buying this? They’re the cutest animals on the planet with the best attitude ever. They look stoned 24-hours a day and have the munchies all the time. Who wouldn’t want to be a sloth? Sloth Dreams Patience Putty is the closest thing you can get…legally.
PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE AND KEEPS YOU FROM THROAT-PUNCHING – We’ve all had that fantasy where the blowhard from work won’t shut up, and you just punch him so hard he drops like a brick. In the real world, that’s called assault and generally frowned upon in both the business and legal communities. Sloth Dreams Patience Putty keeps you from throat-punching, and lets you keep that 401K funded.
SPECIALLY DESIGNED TO SOOTHE AWAY STRESS: Release tension as you loosen the putty by squeezing and kneading it in your hands. It’s basically sloth essence in a tin that fits in your desk drawer or purse for immediate relief whenever you need it.


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