Ninja Turtle T-Shirts

TMNT  5 Star Delivery New York Pizza Time – Our new range of quality character branded t-shirts for 2024.

100% Licensed merchandise exclusive to Get Retro and available in double xl size to accommodate that extra slice of Pizza when necessary..

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New Exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Shirts

Epic adventures of pizza loving Ninja Turtles is the heart behind out exclusive range of Get Retro Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirts.  Whether you are a fan of Michelangelo who is possibly one of the most naturally gifted of the four brother known for his wisecracks, quick-wit, optimism, and love of skateboarding and pizza, or maybe prefer Raphael’s, style which is more  pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and beef.  This t-shirt is sure to pull some admiring faces and a must for any pizza eating fan of TMNT.

Sizes available Include:

  • 1 x medium
  • 2  x large
  • 2 x extra large
  • 1 x double xl
Sold in bundles of 6 in the assorted sizes listed.
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