Minions Microwavable Warmer – Stuart

A fully heatable, lavender scented Minion™.

These soft fully microwavable soft toy hotties make fantastic bedtime buddies, their warmth and relaxing fragrance help soothe, comfort and aid restful sleep.

The entire Minions™ soft toy can be gently warmed in a microwave in 90 seconds will offer a colourful, fun and friendly alternative to the traditional hot water bottle. No more boiling water to contend with! Mess free, easy to use and extremely effective, this microwavable hottie smells gorgeous.

Ideal for cold nights watching TV on the sofa or at bedtime and the relaxing smell of lavender is an added bonus. Made by Intelex the inventors of the first fully microwaveable soft toys.

  • Fully microwavaable to sooth, relax and comfort.
  • Gently scented with relaxing lavender
  • Can be surfaced cleaned with a damp sponge
  • Approximate seated height; 24cm
  • Suitable for ages 3+

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Mini Heatable Warm Up Microwave Minion Stuart 8″ Lavender Scented Toy Description

What’s small, yellow and has been in existence since time began? That’s right: Minions!

And now, thanks to the design team at Intelex Group – market leaders in heatable soft toys – Your favorite Minions are not just adorable characters on a movie screen, they are fun and friendly daytime pals, and a warm and cuddly bedtime companion for children of all ages to hold tight.

60-90 seconds in the microwave is all it takes to get the Minions all warmed up at the end of another fun-filled day.

  • Super soft plush heatable Stuart Minion toy
  • Filled with treated millet and French dried lavender
  • Simply pop in the microwave, soothing and warming
  • Size: 20cm approx. (16cm sitting)
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years


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