Mad Mattr Meteor Monsters

Mad Mattr Meteor Monsters Series 1 collectibles!  Release the monster within and play!


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Mad Mattr Meteor Monsters – CDU

This 2-in-1 blind pack features a chance to collect 8 monsters, including a rare and ultra-rare, and 6 colours of genuine Mad Mattr.

Releasing the monster is easy as 1, 2, 3. Fill, twist, top off, smash and lift! Watch the monsters break out over and over. Challenge your friends and family! Includes 2oz mystery colour of genuine Mad Mattr, a super-soft dough compound that is fun to play with.

Mad Mattr dough is stiffer so it can stay firm and hold its shape better than kinetic sand.  Mad Mattr also helps strengthen little fingers during play in preparation for writing and building fine motor skills with a natural calming effect.

  • Suitable age – 5+ yrs
  • Reusable play dough.
  • Non-toxic but advisable not to consume – Chocking and vomiting risk.
  • Never Dries Out.
  • Press it, mould it, squish it, sculpt it, build it!
  • Moulds and shapes easily!
  • Easy to Clean Up on most surfaces but avoid carpets where possible.

Sold in 24’s / 2 x CDU’s.



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