LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance Dolls

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  • Discover 8 surprises: The LOL Surprise Dance Dancing Dolls come with 8 surprises to discover, including black light to reveal bright surprises
  • Unique dance movements: Each doll comes with her own dance card that shows you holographically a unique dance movement. There are many items to collect, e.g. B. “The Wheels on the Coupe, “Vogue It BB or “Runway Surprise”
  • Great outfits: Each LOL Surprise Dance doll comes with her own unique, glamorous outfits and is equipped with stylish accessories
  • Rotating dance surface: Let your doll show her movements on the rotating dance ball. Collect all the dolls in the series to connect all the dance flights to each other and make them all spin at once
  • Collect them all: Collect all Zw Lf Surprise Dance Dance Dolls and host the great dance competition the universe has ever seen

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LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance Dolls – 8 Surprises, Designer Clothing & Fashion Accessories – Includes Spinning Dance Floor & Dance Card – Collectable Dolls for Girls Ages 3+

Discover 8 surprises: Each of the LOL Surprise Dance Dancing Dolls comes packaged with 8 surprises for you to find, featuring a black light that illuminates dazzling surprises.
Each doll comes with her own dance card that holographically demonstrates a one-of-a-kind dance technique, and each dance card is included in the package. There are a lot of different things that you may collect, such as “The Wheels on the Coupe,” “Vogue It BB,” or “Runway Surprise.”
Outfits to die for: Each individual LOL Surprise Dance doll is packaged with her very own one-of-a-kind, high-fashion ensemble, as well as posh accessories to match.
Revolving dance surface: Show your doll how to move on this rotating dance ball by letting her perform for you. To make all of the dancing flights spin at the same time, you need to collect all of the dolls in the series so that you may link them to each other.
Gather up all of the Zw Lf Surprise Dance Dance Dolls so you can put on the best dance competition the world has ever seen.


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