LEGO Epic History: Includes Four Exclusive LEGO Mini Models Hardcover

Discover the past like never before – in LEGO® bricks!

Discover the history of the world and get inspired to build your own epic LEGO® models!

The book also comes with bricks to make four exclusive LEGO mini-builds – woolly mammoth, Parthenon, pagoda, and rocket launch pad.

Covering global history from the earliest humans building fire and inventing the wheel, to a modern day city with sustainable energy technology and robots, LEGO Epic History is the perfect introduction for children learning about the past.

LEGO models and minifigures bring to life scenes from the most epic historical periods and inspire children to get creative and build their own! Covers fun, accessible aspects of history through time and place, from the Ancient Egyptians to the Space Race and from Aztec temples to Chinese inventions.

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Rona Skene has been writing and editing children’s books for more than 20 years. She is a LEGO (R) fan and has written the LEGO (R) Animal Atlas and LEGO (R) Amazing Vehicles for DK

Children will love learning about the past with this LEGO reference book packed with more than 100 custom-built LEGO models


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