Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit

  • Build a sensor – detect 3D hand motions. Four powerful light beams. Learn how it works as you build. Tablet not included.
  • Play with force powers – Swing light sabers, force push Stormtroopers, pilot X-wings.
  • Make your own stories – make BB-8 fly, fill the Falcon with Porgs, levitate baby Yoda. Hundreds of characters, weapons, starships, and planets.
  • Make music – learn to code beats, melodies, sound effects, and music inspired by the films with this stem toy.
  • Most award-winning STEM company – coding for kids has never been this simple, playful, and powerful. The Kano system has won the red dot design award, German design award, innovation by design award, cannes gold Lion, and is fast company second most innovative company in consumer electronics (second only to Apple).
  • Share – the safest kids coding community. Share your creations and remix millions of others with the Star Wars Kano world community.

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A build-it-yourself Bluetooth® motion sensor, and creative coding experience that takes you on a journey from learner to master, as you code, create, play, and share Star Wars adventures.

Pop open the box, and follow the step-by-step storybook, learning about the board, button, and bits that make up the build-it-yourself motion sensor, before connecting it to your compatible device, and bringing it to life with a wave of your hand

Embark upon epic Star Wars adventures. Take on step-by-step coding challenges. Go from learner to master. Connect code blocks, see the JavaScript behind them, learn about loops, logic, and variables. Then swing lightsabers, levitate X-wings, and pilot starships with a wave of your hand.

Choose the Rebel or Galactic Empire icon for your motion sensor. Code red or blue lightsabers, levitate Stormtroopers or Rebels. Discover costumes and Droids for your avatar.

Make, share, and play your creations with the Star Wars Kano World community. See thousands of community creations in our safe, secure, online space. Explore the code behind any creation, then remix to; swap a character, add a starship, change your Force gesture, fill the screen with Porgs, and more.


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