Doctor Who Eaglemoss MEGA Mondasian Cyberman

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Doctor Who Eaglemoss MEGA Mondasian Cyberman Figure #10

The final story of Doctor Who’s tenth season returned a classic design to the screen – the Mondasian Cybermen!

More primitive and yet just as terrifying as their modern, armored counterparts, the original Cybermen featured circuitry and tubing, a mask of surgical-style cloth, and exposed hands of all-too-human flesh…

This 13.5inch / 34 cms hand-painted resin statuette captures every morbid detail of the iconic monster design, straight from The Doctor Falls!

Trapped in the bowels of a vast colony ship for centuries, the engineering crew of Floor 1056 resorted to drastic measures to survive, slowly converting themselves into a new kind of cybernetic life. Even when their “upgrades” began causing terrible pain, these new Cybermen could not stop – they simply installed emotional inhibitors, to keep themselves from caring about it.

Accompanied by a detailed magazine that details the appearances and impact of the Mondasian Cybermen.

This Mondasian Cyberman mega sculpt will make a great addition for any fan’s collection.

Fully BBC licensed and approved merchandise.

Please note that the figure images shown are pre-production but changes in the final sculpt are minimal.



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