Batman Forever 1995 Two Face and The Riddler Glow Two Pack

Released in 1995 and featuring Val Kilmer as Batman, this Bat flick introduced fans to two of the most iconic villains in the Batman universe now captured in Funko POP! fantastic plastic vinyl style, a great addition for all fans of DC Batman comic films and Funko POP! collectors of iconic bad guys.

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Batman Forever (1995) Two Face & The Riddler Glow in the Dark Funko Pop Twin Set.

The Riddler, a former Wayne Enterprises employee, spends his days leaving riddles and puzzles at the scenes of his crimes. This Pop! Vinyl figure features a Glow in the Dark finish, making it an even more exciting addition to your collection.

Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, the former district attorney of Gotham City who was driven mad after half his face was scarred by acid during the arrest of a crime boss. With its intricate design and attention to detail, this Pop! Vinyl figure captures the essence of the mad coin flipping villain.

Packaged in a window display box, this 2-pack is an excellent addition to your collection or gift for your fellow Batman enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on the chance to add these iconic villains to your collection and show off your love for the Batman Forever film.

Recommended age: 3 years +.

Figures are approx 10cm tall.


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