Assortment of Dressing Gowns

Four Designs 

Little Miss Princess Bathrobe with Embroidered Jewels

Miss Sparkle White and Pink Ladies Robe

Gudetama Is Today Over Yet Ladies Fleece Bathrobe

Gudetama Egg Head hooded Adult Bathrobe

  • Machine washable
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • A must-have gift for any child at heart
  • One size fits most

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This is an absolutely amazing opportunity to snap up these high quality bargain character dressing gowns, that have sold previously for £25/35 each.
We have bought 4 different styles, and are offering these individually at £7.50 each or best value, 5 of each, ie 20 units total for just £6.25 per item, sent carriage free. Even if you sell these at just £14.99 to get quick easy sales, you are making a full 100% markup before vat.
Order quickly to ensure you can have these on your shop floor in time to grab the attention of those looking for great value Mothers Day presents.


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