Minecraft Dungeons Battle Chest Assortment

Minecraft Dungeons Battle Chest Accessory Cases

  • Suit up and head into battle!
  • The ultimate combat gear for 3 1/4-inch Minecraft Dungeons figures!
  • Each pack includes a suit of armor, a weapon, and a battle accessory.

It’s time for Minecraft Dungeons fans to suit up in armor and head into battle with the ultimate combat gear for 3 1/4-inch figures! Each Battle Chest Accessory set includes a suit of armor designed to fit 3 1/4-inch Minecraft Dungeons figures, plus a weapon and an additional battle accessory… like a potion or amulet. The entire pack fits into the included chest for storage and safe keeping until the next fight rages. There are multiple Battle Chest sets to collect, so kids can be ready for the most exciting conflicts and crusades through the dark world of canyons, swamps, dungeons, and of course, mines.

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This product is assorted; styles and colors vary. You will receive a CDU 12 Minecraft Dungeons Battle Chests .

Blind battle chest assortment for Minecraft Dungeons includes a set of armor and an exclusive item or weapon.

Match them up with Minecraft Dungeons 3.25 figures to get them ready for battle in the new, dark world of canyons, swamps, dungeons and – of course – mines!



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